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Temazcal Ritual

Temazcal Ritual

SKU: MT016

The Temazcal Ritual (Temazcalli: House where you sweat in nahuatl dialect) is a recovery and purification method, used by traditional medicine in pre-Hispanic groups.
The ceremony of Temazcal consist in taking a steam bath inside of an inipi (clay brick house) accompanied by a Shaman who guides and provides his medicinal services using herb infusions that detox the patient thru perspiration and expectoration. It is considered that the Temazcal ritual benefits the mind, the body and the soul.
You will notice it’s immediate benefits in skin, respiratory tract, relaxed muscles.



  • Duration: 2 hrs (inside inipi)
  • Capacity: 8 pax minimum, 17 pax maximum
  • If party is under 8 pax, it's required to cover the difference to reach the minimum number of persons.
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